A skeleton walks into a bar. He orders a beer... and a mop.

Welcome to Bone Mop Brewing!

Currently On Tap
Tap 1 Citra Lite
Tap 2 Empty :-(
Tap 3 B3 Bitter Irish Red
Tap 4 Baldfish Head 60 Minute IPA
On Deck
Keg 5 None
Keg 6 None
Keg 7 None
Currently Fermenting
Carboy 1 None
Carboy 2 None
Carboy 3 None
Primary 1 Cranky Angel PR02
Primary 2 CiBeer PR01
Primary 3 Cran-Pom-eer PR01

Bone Mop Brewing in Pictures

Mash Tun / Lauter Tun

Pimped Boiling Kettle (Keggle)

Brewery with Whiskey as official mascot

Fermentation Room

Tap handles my dad made for me

Stainless steel made by hand

Size perpective

Against the oak collar I made

Beer, on tap, in the dinning room

Inside view of the Keezer

Closeup of the kegs, lines and co2

The Bone Mop Brewing Granary. Almost 400 pounds of grain! At ~10lbs per batch that's 40 batches of beer!

Had a Brew-n-Q, 7 brewers and 45 gallons of beer were made. No telling how much was consumed!

PR 01 of the Official Bone Mop mash paddle (my first time using a jigsaw, I plan on making it again but better).

Bone Mop Brewing also makes fresh mozzarella, curds in the pot.

Curds on the spoon.

Fresh mozz, ready for eating!

Dough, sauce, and cheese all made from scratch!